Kitty from Brighton

Since moving to Brighton over a year ago, I was keen to to find a new gym, and continue my training, after losing the best part of 6 stone, in two years, 

Training and eating plans had become a my life, but I wanted more, decided to start body building.

After trying a few gyms, I finally settled in to Cheethas, however I found myself,  training alone, and lacking the knowledge I needed, I started to struggle a little and felt id plateaued, 

This is when Liv, (The Monster) asked if I'd like to be her training partner.

Excited, and nervous, but I was up for the challenge and I agreed!!

I craved more from my training, wanted to lose more weight, tone up and needed advice with my eating plan, and with livs knowledge, I knew this was going to be the start of the next step to my amazing journey. 

Livia personalised a new eating plan for me, and our training partnership began, training with liv, has to seriously be one of the best things i do, training 5 times a week with such an inspirational determined lady, who is in amazing shape,  

We push each other beyond our own limits, offering each other encouragement support, and plenty of giggles, she has become a great friend, although we have different goals, the training is still hardcore and pushes us more each time, 

I've now lost more weight, inches and my body shape has changed, well in the way to the 7 stone mark AND LOVING EVERY minute.

Livia is a highly trained instructor and a MACHINE! 

Liv goes above and beyond not only for me, but for all her clients to which she delivers up-to-date fresh new training, individual eating plans, workouts and advice, whatever your goals or ambitions are, weather it simply losing a few pounds, or hitting the stage for comps of all kinds, she puts in more hours than most, to a very high demanding physical and mental job. Proving her clients with 110% dedication!! And always doing it with a smile.

Liv isn't just my training partner, but mentor and friend!

14th April 2014


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