Kitty Kinder - competition preparation client

It’s hard for me to write this testimonial as I don’t think I have enough words to describe how positive my experience working with Liva has been!

At the start of the year I considered entering my first Bikini Competition, I had no idea where to start and managed to find Liva online. Strait away she set up a meeting with me and talked me through all of the options and the shows that would best suit my look and personality.

Liva spoke with such passion about what she does my mind was instantly made up and I signed up for both Pure Elite and Miami Pro. Over the last 5 months Livia has provided me with an extremely detailed food and workout plan, constantly updating these and checking in with me to see how I am getting on.

Working with Liva is such a pleasure, her vibrant bubbly personality makes competition prep exiting and fun, and her passion for fitness and her client’s shines through no end. I won FIRST PLACE in both of my shows and couldn’t be prouder of myself. The journey was hard but I know I couldn’t have done it without the constant support from my trainer.

Livia’s service to her clients goes above and beyond, catering my diet to fit around my love for socialising and my busy way of life. In the weeks leading up to my shows Livia was checking in with me every single day to find out how I was feeling and making sure I wasn’t struggling. I had no idea a personal trainer would give so much time and care to a client before meeting her.

I also underwent pose coaching with Liva throughout my time training where she taught me to move beautifully in a way that suits and flatters my body, I have no doubt that this is where my success in both competitions derived from. Seeing Liva pose and move is so inspiring to watch it made me want to practise and practise to have the same grace and poise.

Although my competitions have come to an end this year I will continue to train with Livia and have learnt lifestyle changes I will take forward from this experience. I can’t thank her enough for helping me smash my goals and achieve more than I ever thought I could. Personal trainer, posing coach, nutritionist and friend all in one – truly a champion maker!

20th July 2017

Competition Training

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