Latest testimonial from a husband and wife team who have done extraordinarily well on the May cleanse:

“It’s coming to the end of our 30 days (31 actually!) DTX in May and I feel in a good position to report back!

Phil and I (husband) had been complaining about our lumpy bits for well over a year now as we sat on the sofa sipping wine most evenings, adding a few kettle chips into that on a Friday and Saturday (and, well probably Thursday and Sunday too). Every time I opened the biscuit tin to steel a biscuit I promised myself this was going to stop .... soon.

So when Liv suggested to all on Facebook to get on board with the 30 day detox I knew this was OUR time. Phil and I decided to do it together which I know has been the key for us sticking to it. It felt a bit daunting the day before as we prepared our shake powders for the coming couple of days as Phil away during the week. It was like sending an astronaut off with their meals!!

We have to report that it has been fine, easy and enjoyable. If you’ve invested cash and determination and we think if you’re doing it with someone else it is simple to stick to. You shouldn’t think you’re entering into some purgatory and doom .... it’s been enlightening and completely changed our mindset. We are both in agreement that sugar does not need to be in our lives and hangovers are such a pain! We are looking forward to a drink on occasion (but really on an ‘occasion’ which is not a dull midweek evening!)

Our stats and measurements have spurred us on too. We’ve added more exercise to our lives as well.

So thanks Liv  for your support and just wanted to let you and everyone know you have a couple of converted here!”

  Phil Can
Chest 96 / 91 95 / 90
Bicep 31 / 31 31 / 28
Waist 89 / 84 81 / 74
Hips 95 / 92 99 / 96
Thigh 52 / 53 50 / 50
Weight 74kg / 69.6kg 67.9kg / 63.9kg

26th June 2018

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