Leela Ramesh

My cleanse is at the end and here is what I have experienced.

Starting with a high, have lost about 9inches overall. I just can't believe it!

My main reason to join this cleanse was to know what was going on with my body. I'm on thyroid medication for over a year now and have symptoms of auto immune disease. My main focus for this month was to kick-start the process of healing my gut.

At the start I was anxious whether or not this was going to work for me as I have tried other diets that didn't work.
After using Arbonne I found changes which made me want to continue it, it was easy and natural.
Arbonne is not a diet but a lifestyle changer. I'm going to continue to use it's product and naturally get my health in order which in turn will help me loose the excess weight.

I have noticed my hair feels voluminous, facial skin clearer, energy all time high and mind being more alert. Feel that my health is in the right track.

I have noticed my clothes are a little less tighter now, this is what I wanted out of the cleanse and I'm ecstatic. The most subtle change I noticed today is that my car seatbelt used to feel light strain on my tummy and it is now gone.

I can't thank Livia enough for all the support and encouragement she has given me in this last month.

Special mention about my husband because he was super supportive in accomplishing this and even mentioned mid-way couple of times that he saw changes in me.

Thank you all for the support and inspiration. I'm finishing the cleanse with ultimate satisfaction and will do it again in the near future.

26th June 2018

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