Lucinda, busy mum of two and also has a full time marketing career

I finished my 30 day cleanse this week.

I lost 9lbs in weight and 2 inches off my waist and 3 inches from my hips and that was doing minimal exercise.

In addition I feel great, my energy has increased (I didn't actually think that was going to happen!) and my husband says I look much more toned.

I stuck to a mainly plant based diet, with some fish and eggs added in occasionally. I have really enjoyed it, have learnt to cook with new foods and the plan has got me out of the rut of cooking the same foods every week! I even had the thumbs up from my husband and brother who both loved the chickpea and sweet potato stew.

Being a busy mum of two and running my own business means I'm constantly on the go so having the convenience of the shakes was perfect and although I've had to spend more time planning my meals, I've made big batches which last several days so i can just heat them up and go.

The kids aged 3 and 20 months have been helping me cook and trying new foods too, the 20 month old is much more adventurous though.

I've added some pictures of my journey along the way and I'm planning on continuing with the shakes and foods till I have my beach ready body. Before and after pics to follow as I haven't had the chance to take the after ones yet!

Huge thanks to Livia Francis, my coach, and the fabulous support from the group. I'm looking forward to getting my training plan once my physio gives me the go ahead (slight delay due to someone crashing into me last weekend).

9th January 2019

Healthy Living Plan

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