Lydia from Brighton

Livia - the Fairy Bod Mother! Livia has been my personal trainer for a while, she has got me strong, got me toned and got me a body I am proud of. Not only do I feel fitter, stronger and healthier, I am happier too. I eat better, I sleep better and I love life - every bit of life! I now have more energy to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out life and I believe this is what they call 'living life!'

Recently I was told that I had a casting for a modelling job coming up... I was given 5 days notice and needed to drop 2 or 3 inches around my waist...  PANIC! So I turned to Liv. She was a complete superstar. Not only did she write up a tailored diet plan for me, it was a healthy plan. None of this fad diet or starvation nonsense! She wrote out a food plan for me step my step, it was idiot proof. All I had to do was stick to it. It is common knowledge that people struggle to stick to diets but Livia has a way about her that motivates and encourages without being a militant bore! She seemed to know exactly when I needed a gentle nudge or a few words of encouragement. I don't know how she knew, but she did!

Anyway, I hit my target weight and measurements for the casting, unfortunately I didn't get the job (because my bust was too big - nice complaint!) but I did pop into a clothes shop that is well known for having itzy bitzy sizes, and purchased my first ever pair of size 8 skinny jeans! How's that for a reward? Even after being rejected for the modelling job, I was still walking with my head in the clouds and it was all down to Livia and the size 8 skinny jeans!

I can't recommend the Fairy Bod Mother highly enough!

14th April 2014


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