Lynne, Figure Competition Personal Training Client

In January 2013 I went to visit Cheetahs Gym in Hove as I was wanting to 'get into' bodybuilding and hopefully compete one day. Whilst visiting the gym I was introduced to Livia, I knew I wanted to do bodybuilding but I didn't have a clue about how to start. Livia explained the different classes (physique, body fitness, figure, bikini) and asked if I wanted to be a natural bodybuilder & if so then she could help me. My main concern is that  I didn't want to get to 'big' or over muscular. I had already been searching the figure classes and thought that was probably the class I would go for. Livia told me she competes in that particular class.  I could see by Livia's body that she works out hard and she gave me some good advice, Livia has many PT's clients already and I knew I wanted the help and advice for training and diet so she seemed the perfect choice. 

After meeting Livia that day my heart was set on competing and I thought can "I do this" but The voice in my head was saying "is my body good enough?" .....well, this is where my journey began.

The first Personal Training session with Livia was "WOW". I was learning new exercises and meeting new people from the competition world at Cheetahs gym. Livia took my statistics and gave me a training program and diet to follow. I decided to book five sessions in advance with Livia and that was the best thing I could of done. Livia has a lot of knowledge and answered my questions regarding training and especially the diet.

Not only had I found someone to help me train but I had found a friend. Livia has been there for me from start to finish, the training got harder & the diet got tougher.  I am a mum of four I work full time as a nurse so my job on its own is hard and stressful let alone adjusting to a hard training program and new diet. My body would sometimes ache, especially after a session with Livia (who pushed me hard) but this is what you need to see results. 

I was competing in the BNBF masters figure class in Bognor Regis in June 2013, I kept counting the weeks down. Livia was cycling my diet and exercise routines depending on how I was shaping up every 4 weeks.One of the hardest things to learn for the comps how to "pose" to show your shape off. Livia was so graceful and posed beautifully. "Oh dear"...this is where I struggled ....having the confidence to "pose" in front of Livia ...trying to hold positions and walk in a feminine graceful manner in high heels isn't easy.  But this is where Livia's  friendly supporting mannerism came in & she boosted my confidence. Livia helped me so much with posing & sorted out my T-Walk until I knew exactly what I was doing. Fortunately  for me  Livia & I were both competing in the BNBF Bognor Southern championships in the  same class. We worked through all the preparation together &I knew that if I was feeling rubbish and hungry so was Livia and we often spoke or text to encourage each other along. 

Finally the big day arrives and Livia was waiting for me in the car park, still helping me, showing me where to go & what to do.  Back stage,  in the dressing room,  they announce "masters figure girls on stage please"..."Oh dear" stomach went into butterfly spasm but after being on stage I thought" I like this " and "WOW" to finish off my day I was placed 2nd and invited to compete in the BNBF British finals!!! 

I cannot thank Livia enough because If I had never met such a lovely lady, who inspired me from the start, and helped me every step of the way....who knows, I would probably still just be plodding along just eating and exercising to keep fit with no overall goal. Thankfully I now have a different roll to follow and my views have changed as regards to fitness & I am looking forward to competing in September 2013 for the BNBF British finals.

Update April 2015: Lynne is now BNBF WORLD FIGURE CHAMPION 2014 – Livia choreographed her winning T-Walk. 

19th August 2013

Competition Training

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