Rachel - Competition Posing

I first went to see Liv back in May 2018, after signing myself up for my first Bikini fitness show in the October. Not knowing what to expect, lacking a lot of confidence and slightly nervous I met Liv, who was so warm and friendly towards me, I felt instantly relieved.

I was a complete novice not knowing the first thing about posing or how to hold my body. Liv explained the basic principles of a few pose positions and we went on from there! She was so patient with me and if I was unsure she took it back to basics and explained fully! I was sent away with the videos of our session and homework which was to practice practice practice and get use to posing shoes!!!!

I went on to see Liv another 5-6 times before my show, each of which we worked on my quarter turns and when I had those under my belt, the T walk! Liv would see what showed my body off better, what worked, what didn’t work and found a routine I felt confident in doing on the stage! Even if I could not get to see Liv, she was more then happy for me to send in videos of me practicing my routines and she would suggest something different or just to say I was doing well, she even suggested I did another category as she believed I would do well in it.

Show day came and to my absolute amazement I placed 1st in bikini and 2nd in fitness model gaining 2 pro cards..... completely in shock!

From there, I gave myself 9 weeks off season to bulk up and build myself up again before I started on my second prep for 2 competitions in April 2019. I told Liv my plans and I went to see her to work on a different routine and see what parts I could take for my previous show. I had a few poses I liked the look of from other girls I saw in the show and I wanted to add them to my routines and quarter turns. Liv was honest if she didn’t think it would work or she tweaked them to make them work for me. We nailed a new routine with some old poses in for good measure and what I felt comfortable doing ready for my Pro debut.

From there I gained my Pro elite status with Miami pro and have yet to compete with Pure Elite which is happening very soon! I never thought in a million years I would ever get up on stage, I don’t even wear a bikini on holiday but I did and with a strong support network around you and a fabulous posing coach in Liv, you can do anything and I have just proved that to myself.

I can not recommend Liv highly enough for posing, nutritional advice and coaching, literally a lady in a million. Thank you Liv for everything and giving me the confidence to compete, a sport which I have actually grown to love ❤️

23rd April 2019

Competition Training

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