Sammie Robinson Full comp prep Miss Galaxy Universe May 2016

I went to Livia in October 2015 with the goal of being able to compete in a bikini competition in 2016. I was overweight and incredibly un-happy with my appearance and needed to set myself a goal in order to do something about how I looked.

Livia sorted out my training plans and my food program’s, tweaking whenever necessary. I had regular visits for stats and posing and slowly but surely the CM’s started to drop off.

Livia was incredibly supportive throughout the 7 months of being my trainer and her posing tips were fantastic. I went from feeling like the most un-attractive girl in the worlds to strutting my stuff on stage in nothing more than a teeny tiny bikini!

Thank you Livia! I strongly recommend to anyone looking to compete or simply improve upon them selves!

20th June 2016

Competition Training

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