Sarah - Competition Training January-September 2019 

Sarah Kirby – busy mum and massage therapist

We had a tough journey with food planning - as she suffered from bloat very close to the show ! So we worked hard on swapping and changing  around to eliminate the problem food that causes inflammation. What an incredible journey and what an achievement!

I first started training with Liv in January 2019. I’d been following a couple of women’s body transformations during 2018 and got completely inspired by the results they achieved, competing in a bikini fitness competition and for one of them going on to win. I’d slowly been losing weight since having my son in February 2015, at my heaviest I was 14st (88.90kg). By the time I started training with Liv I was 11st and I would always plateau around 10st 7lb - 11st (67-69kg), despite a healthy diet and being fairly active. 

We started by upping my training  to 4x a week and only weight lifting to start, I’d been slowly getting into lifting weights over the last year or so. She gave me a food plan which changed all my foods around, my body had got used to what I was eating and I wasn’t seeing any changes beyond 10 1/2st.

Between January and May 2019 I focused on building muscle and strength . At the end of May I started a 20 week cut which would ultimately change my body and shape beyond recognition.
My food plan was constantly tweaked and gradually my intake of carbs and fats was reduced. My training plan changed to add in cardio as a fat burning tool. Over the course of 9 months I lost 2st and went from a size 12-14 to a 10.

I couldn’t have achieved such amazing results without Liv’s knowledge and expertise . She gave me the confidence I needed to progress my training in the gym and has shown me how, by manipulating foods and taking the correct supplements, alongside the right sort of training you can achieve such great results. 

Two weeks before I competed I started having some digestive health issues and I was beginning to think I wouldn’t be able to step on stage because of it. Liv was in daily contact with me throughout this whole time, even when she was out of the country. She has shown me endless patience and kindness in the depth of my despair, and without her support I couldn’t have got through it. 

On show day I felt incredible and couldn’t believe that what I was seeing was my body, over the course of 4 years I lost 5st (32kg), 2st of that this year. The whole journey has given me a new confidence within myself and it feels like a new lease of life and it pushed all my boundaries of commitment and dedication. One of my main reasons for doing it was getting out of my comfort zone by stepping on stage, in all honesty that was the easy bit after all the hard work, I absolutely loved it and got such a buzz from it, I would definitely do it again. 

Coming down from the euphoria, I have been reverse dieting back into some sort of “normal” eating. In some respects I’ve found it harder because I know I have a bit more leeway with foods. I also know that this part is just as important as the cut and lead into the comp. As yet I haven’t got a new goal in place but I’m looking at various competitions for 2020, I also have an invite to world championships in November 2020 which would be an absolute dream to take part in. With Liv’s help I know my body could change and improve even more over the next year.

I would highly recommend Livia as a trainer and body transformation coach, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience. If you are thinking of making changes, then go for it, I firmly believe that anything is possible and with the right mindset and the right help then you can have the body you have always dreamed of.

Sarah Kirby

11th October 2019

Competition Training

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