Sarah followed the menopause nutrition system to reduce her increasing symptoms

I have not long finished and i must say its the best health kick i have ever done! Apart from the benifits of loosing 10 1/2 lbs and loosing 13 1/2 inches all over i feel re energised ....and re educated! I must admit to feeling a bit daunted at first but providing you keep notes, make plenty of lists its totally do-able, even ate out a couple of times!

I had put on weight slowly the last few years and nothing i did would shift it. Especially as i had started full blown menopause which makes weight even harder to shift.

I still cant get over how this has worked for me, it's like a little miracle! Also helping me understand about feeding you body with the right nutrients it needs , eating enough, as its so hard to forget your "feeding "your body, not just depriving so as to loose weight. And lets not forget the all important exercise! Starting of gently and building up as your energy levels increase and seeing the results give you such a boost, and inspires you to add more and do more!

I'm looking forward to continuing this journey, eating well and exercising. Trying new things and enjoying having a new lease if life!

Sarah Hillman

26th June 2018

Healthy Living Plan

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