I really want to thank Liv for everything she's done for me. Liv was recommended to me by a friend as I had gained weight due to a number of reasons mainly family related.

As an avid gym goer before  I was unable to work out and without realising had developed some bad eating habits.  I also developed some health problems too. I started working out but the weight wasn't going. I was baffled! Liv retrained my attitude towards food and how I should eat. She also showed me that weight loss is 80% food and 20% exercise. Liv also showed me that working out smartly with weights can really stimulate weight loss and give shape. Thanks to Liv I'm a fitter, more confident and healthier me. My medication has been reduced significantly and I've dropped 2 dress sizes. I also look smaller because. I'm toned. It's been hard work but Livs food plan and exercise regime along with her guidance has made it worth it. My hectic lifestyle also means I need things to be simple too and it is really that simple!!

I also want to add that Liv is so friendly and so supportive. Nothing is too much for her. I still have a way to go, but with Livs help I know I can do it. I recommend Fit Freedom highly. Thank you Liv!

6th January 2015


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