Steff - Full Comp prep client, Miami Pro competition, 5th June 2016

This is me just before I found out I had one 2nd place at my first bikini comp! 

When I entered I never expected to place at all. I had only 6 weeks prep. I was only doing it for fun. 

Still can't believe that with liv's help I did not only place but I came 2nd and got my Pro card! 

Before the comp I couldn't pose at all and could barely walk in heels. She choose easier poses for me and helped with my heels. 

My 'problem' muscle was my shoulders. Even with working them twice a week they still didn't seem to come out like the rest of my muscles. Liv gave me some advise on how to have my hair so that it covered them slightly. It clearly helped! 

Can't thank you enough liv. Still can't believe how much fat I lost in such a short space of time. All the little tips and advice were great. 

Couldn't had done it without you!

20th June 2016

Competition Training

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