Stick with it!

So this is a little late but hopefully it should inspire those doing the February detox in these early, sometimes hard days.

I first did the detox 2 years ago so turned to it again in January to clear my head and raise my energy levels - plus hopefully lose some of the extra weight I’d put on. It was hard at first and I had to make the shakes work for me by cutting the fibre addition right down, to stop bloating. Week one I was missing certain foods, week two I was a bit bored with choices but by week three I was loving it, trying out new recipes that the whole family enjoyed and not craving anything. I had loads of energy and that just kept improving.

I dropped 8lbs and body fat down from 31.7 % to 25.5% . But the big surprise is it’s come off everywhere - glutes, thighs, arms - all those places impossible for a menopausal 52 year old to lose fat from.

Stick with it!


8th January 2019

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