In my journey as a natural bodybuilder I have worked with several great coaches, but in all honesty Livia Francis is the one that stands out the most as she is an extremely understanding individual who doesn't just tell you to get on with it during challenging times... What makes her extra special as a coach is that she always finds a solution and goes out of her way to provide you as much support needed... She has been a mother figure to me and has had more confidence in me that I had in myself... She made my journey to the stage so much easier that it would have been... Providing me with clear and concise food plans on time and useful training tips to enhance my prep... She adviced me on what to expect and how to prepare for what was to come... With her help and guidance I was able to become a bnbf finalist and produce and exceptional posing routine... I will continue to work with her and cannot recommend her highly enough…

16th August 2016

Competition Training

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