Veronika - food plan and weight management

I am a physically active 34 year old female. I am a body combat instructor and also work full time as a waitress. I have asked Livia for help as my body started to lose muscle tissue as a result of doing too much cardio and burning too many calories. I was fuelling my body with completely the wrong type of food, mainly sugar and fats, lacking protein in my diet most of the time, not paying attention to crucial rules how and with what to feed my body during busy fitness days.

Livia tailored a very detailed food plan for me to actually help me to put on weight, build up lean muscles and also to cut my body fat. The plan was exactly made to my needs and according to my busy schedule. Livia is very strict and does not negotiate as she knows perfectly what she is doing. She also recommends all the suitable supplements your life style might require.

It was hard for me at the beginning to prep my food every day, weigh it and make sure I eat in regular intervals but it is essential you stick to it. The food plan was amazing, fuelled my body providing me so much energy and making me feel full all the time. As a matter of fact I felt like I was doing nothing else but eating. I already had a quite decent athletic figure but the difference this food plan made after only two weeks was simply incredible. My body became all lean muscles, my belly was like made of rocks and all the muscle definition was coming through.

I did not want to become too muscular but rather curvy with definition so Livia adjusted the plan half way through to suit my current needs. What was very important was that she was there for me 24/7 as it is very important you get perfect understanding of the food plan knowing exactly what you’re doing and why. She was like my angel really, answering every little question I had and checking on me and my progress.

Two months later I am in great shape. Not having to follow the food plan religiously as I do not want a perfect shape as not competing in fitness etc. But this food plan helped me a lot. I have loads of energy, my body is becoming curvy but with definition and not eating my muscles but rather burning my fat. I am very grateful for this experience, not regretting a single penny I invested in it. Eating clean is a great thing and I would recommend Livia to anyone who either wants to get in shape or just wants to know principles of eating well and feeling well. It is worth all of the investment and I will definitely use Livia’s help and advice in the future.

15th September 2014


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