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30 Day Detox explained

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The 30 day detox involves sticking to a supplemented food plan which includes nourishing vegan smoothies, digestive enzymes, green balance, a daily fibre boost plus a food guide that is tasty and nutritious.

You wil be cutting out all alcohol, dairy, gluten, soy, refined sugars, wheat from your diet for 30 days.

I love it... everyone has lost between 10-14 lbs!  But its clients energy levels increasing daily when they stick to the plan that is so motivating and new habitual eating habits... it completely reboots the body and the mind....

This is not a fad diet... it's supplemented with great Vegan certified products, formulated in Switzerland, that all have an crucial part to play whilst the toxins leave the body. This is supplemented further with good nutritious food, and more importantly protein, packed nourishing smoothies and famous fizz sticks for energy.

Once the first few days go by the body starts to cleanse and be nourished but more importantly a new focus and energy from within. This has led to many of my clients going on to much better lifestyle, much more energy to get active again or more than they were before....A much better relationship with food, snacking and how to prep food and their day. 

What to expect:

Initially some clients tend to get headaches but Liv always has solutions. This is just because toxins are leaving body, end of the week and into week two energy levels rise, clearer skin, bloat decreased...

Don’t worry:

  • I have all the substitutes to keep anyone from feeling hungry or crashing...
  • I love this ethos... hate seeing people wrecked and exhausted from fad diets...
  • This is a kick-start with great results with my guidance throughout!
  • The results speak for themselves!! 

Here’s to positive change smile !!