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Body Cleanse Testimonials

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At the age of 34 I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. At 35 I had to have hystorectomy due to the endometriosis spreading through my body. I was plunged into the menopause overnight. I didn’t really take much notice to be honest after all I was just aged 35, but year on year my body was changing & not for the best. I had scare tissue.  It was ugly & I was putting on weight. I had IBS. I was constantly bloated. I was losing the battle. By the time I had reached fifty years of age I was five stone overweight. My scare tissue was now a real issue for me. So much so I wanted to have plastic surgery. I looked in the mirror one day & thought I can’t go on like this. I was miserable, alone & felt completely unattractive. 

Then in October last year I discovered Livia Francis & I went on a thirty day body cleanse!!  I had to try something.  I had nothing to lose. I was so determined this time. I can honestly say I never looked back. I lost just over half a stone in the first two weeks. Nine months later with Livia’s amazing food & training plans I have lost four stone. My IBS has disappeared, my scar tissue, ashamed to say was fat & is on its way back to looking like a normal scare ( No plastic surgery for me ) !! In September 2019 I am going on stage to compete in a body transformation body building competition, I wouldn’t even look at myself in the mirror 12 months ago. I can’t speak more highly of the body cleanse & Livia Francis, it has truly changed my life in so many ways & saved me from many health problems. 

You don’t have to think about anything really. Livia sorts everything out for you.  The support is unconditional . I have never felt so at home doing something I dreamed I never would have to do.  If you do one thing for yourself, DO this, I promise you, you won’t ever look back. Dee Hazelwood

So I have finally finished my 30 day detox so I thought I would share my results with everyone!

I lost a total of 13lb, 4 inches of my waist and 1.5 inches off my hips!

I found the cleanse much easier than I thought it would be. My energy levels have been very high which is amazing considering I did very little exercise.

The last month has been one of the hardest times of my life as my mum has been ill and I have spent most of the time back and forth to hospital. Usually I would have turned to comfort food but I was determined to stick to the plan. I actually found the plan helped me to stay focused and took away the stress of deciding what to eat etc. I always carried nuts, apples and my fizz tea in my bag so I would never get stuck.

My clothes feel looser, I am less bloated, I’ve received countless compliments on how well my skin looks etc and my boyfriend feels like he’s going to bed with a new woman!!

I am going to continue with the plan sticking to the 80/20 rule. I am also going to incorporate more exercise into my life once everything settles down a bit in my personal life.

I would highly recommend the plan!

Lucinda, busy mum of two and also has a full time marketing career

I finished my 30 day cleanse this week.

I lost 9lbs in weight and 2 inches off my waist and 3 inches from my hips and that was doing minimal exercise.

In addition I feel great, my energy has increased (I didn't actually think that was going to happen!) and my husband says I look much more toned.

I stuck to a mainly plant based diet, with some fish and eggs added in occasionally. I have really enjoyed it, have learnt to cook with new foods and the plan has got me out of the rut of cooking the same foods every week! I even had the thumbs up from my husband and brother who both loved the chickpea and sweet potato stew.

Being a busy mum of two and running my own business means I'm constantly on the go so having the convenience of the shakes was perfect and although I've had to spend more time planning my meals, I've made big batches which last several days so i can just heat them up and go.

The kids aged 3 and 20 months have been helping me cook and trying new foods too, the 20 month old is much more adventurous though.

I've added some pictures of my journey along the way and I'm planning on continuing with the shakes and foods till I have my beach ready body. Before and after pics to follow as I haven't had the chance to take the after ones yet!

Huge thanks to Livia Francis, my coach, and the fabulous support from the group. I'm looking forward to getting my training plan once my physio gives me the go ahead (slight delay due to someone crashing into me last weekend).

So this is a little late but hopefully it should inspire those doing the February detox in these early, sometimes hard days.

I first did the detox 2 years ago so turned to it again in January to clear my head and raise my energy levels - plus hopefully lose some of the extra weight I’d put on. It was hard at first and I had to make the shakes work for me by cutting the fibre addition right down, to stop bloating. Week one I was missing certain foods, week two I was a bit bored with choices but by week three I was loving it, trying out new recipes that the whole family enjoyed and not craving anything. I had loads of energy and that just kept improving.

I dropped 8lbs and body fat down from 31.7 % to 25.5% . But the big surprise is it’s come off everywhere - glutes, thighs, arms - all those places impossible for a menopausal 52 year old to lose fat from.

Stick with it!


Cheers to all of you starting up the cleanse!!!

I’m currently growing a baby so I'm not detoxing for a bit but I have been enjoying nutrition packed shakes as breakfasts and snacks to boost my nutrient intake and help me sustain my energy through the day. I wanted to share with you this one which I call 'Bouncing Baby' smoothie; with added banana, greens and almond butter. I also make one I call 'Mega Mama' which has red berries and cacao nibs. Yum! I think the fibre support is really supporting my digestion. I feel really well and I'm now in my 3rd trimester.

A big thumbs up to you all and good wishes for your cleanse. I'll be joining you all before too long!

Livia Francis thank you for inspiring me to keep taking care of my health.

At the end of my 30 day cleanse, and the results, well I have gone from 11 stone 13 to 11 stone one but best of all lost my little beer belle. Lost 3 inches round my waist. Felling good for it, so much so, having a little rest over Christmas and on it again in January. Main reason for carrying on is the difference in my physique in just one month, interested to see what I can do in a second month.

Mark, Dec 2018

These are my before and after pics of the 30 day body cleanse cleanse. I weighed 59.8kgs when i started and I am now 54.2kgs. This is without exercise as I was waiting to move back to Worthing! I am feeling motivated and feeling good about myself. Before the cleanse, i was feeling unmotivated and no energy! I also started becoming vegetarian/vegan. I choose wisely on what to eat now and only buy vegan products. I didn't do any proper measurements as I am glad at what I am seeing in the mirror. I am continuing the plan for December. Thank you Livia Francis for your help.

These are my after pics after my 15 day cleanse and 15.5 lbs lighter. I feel energised, happier, more flexible already. During the two weeks all I have done is my kettlebells and walk my lab.. Anyone who is starting this stick with it .. it will be worth it. I will continue to maintain for the rest of the month and then all going well intend doing the 30 day cleanse in January .. bring it on!

Elaine: Dec 2018

So I am delighted to share my news with you all. I have gone from a bloated, sluggish tired 11st 4lb to 10st 5lb. I have lost a total of 10.5 inches!! 3 inches from my waist alone which I am delighted with. At 52 I thought it was all over but hourglass figure is back. Thankfully only 1/2 inch from my boobs.

I feel energised alert and happy. I’m falling asleep by 10pm rather than 2am as I’m stuffed with sugar laden foods. My night sweats have diminished and I wake up in the morning fresh and ready to smash the day ahead. 

I am going to continue with the meal replacement powder, as it makes me have a breakfast and lunch of sorts with many nutrients. I will not go back to sugar sugar sugar as I am not craving it at all, why would I? I’ve enjoyed the gluten dairy soy wheat etc ban. I’m going to continue.

With an under active thyroid, pernicious anemia and the menopause I really thought I was doomed to be overweight and like a sloth.

Nope, I’m bouncing buzzing and totally aware of my bodies do’s and dont’s.

Thank you so much


We have felt soo much better since starting this body cleanse with your help we both have more energy and do not feel bloated after eating! I personally love the tea in the morning and Mike loves the fizz sticks smile I was 8 st 8lbs when I started and I’m now 8 st 2 and lost two inches around my waist! I’ve enjoyed trying new food and preparing dinners for the two of us (even though they can take a while to cook) but we are both feeling better because of it!

We’ve enjoyed it sooo much we are continuing next month as well!!

Sophie and Michael

Livia, I am going into week four of my first ever cleanse. I have to tell you that I really did not expect much as my menopause has made me so low and my body looks awful from years of rubbish eating and again letting go as the menopause weight piled on my middle. My mind is so much clearer and I feel I have more energy and am more positive I I also realized it has been at least a week since I had a hot flush at all. It had gotten so bad my face and hair would soak not flush I honestly thought that the menopause had ruined me and that the cleanse might help but it SO HAS.”

Sarah Pitman

11lbs down and just got a pair of trousers on i haven’t even worn because I bought them too small - still a way to go but feeling so fabulous


I’m happy! I started the cleanse after gaining almost 4 Kgs in one month due to a bad reaction to a hormonal contraception method (Mirena). Most people are fine with it, not everyone gets those horrible side effects but some of us unlucky ones do: my appetite increased, water retention seemed to have come to stay with me forever and my mood was very low.

Fast forward 30 days in the DTX (and removal of the Mirena) and my mood has improved tremendously and as we’ve learned in this journey, gut health is key to increasing your serotonin levels (happy hormones) in your brain! That in itself would’ve been enough for me, but on top of the happy mood, I’ve lost 3.6 Kgs in weight, 4.5 cm from my hips, 4 cm from my bust and 10 CM!! from my waist!! The shape of my body no longer resembles an apple...I’m on my way to having an ‘hourglass’ figure for the first time in my life, and I’m turning 48 next week...not bad!!

The key for me has been all that water I’ve been drinking and of course the probiotics which stopped me from being bloated all the time. My coach Livia Francis and I decided to also step up my routine during the cleanse by adding one more weight training session (on my own) a week and some power walking although I didn’t manage many of those ... I preferred the weights or going for Zumba!! I’ve noticed weight training has made a big difference to my body shape, making my waist trimmer and my arms and legs more toned.

When I started the cleanse I was a size 12 and now I’m wearing jeans that are size 8 and 10. I’ll now go back to my healthy food plan (also designed by Liv) and see which new goals we can come up with for my training and wellbeing. I think I’ll do this cleanse again in 3 or 4 months or maybe right after Xmas if I notice the good, healthy habits are slipping... The cleanse is a way to bring me back to how things should be, and I’m excited about where this journey will take me! (I did the October 2018 cleanse).






Before and after my 30 day cleanse 

Thanks for the introduction and the motivation for the detox. Ive lost 3.5kg, 2 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my hips, 2.5 inches from each thigh, 1.5 inches off my upper arms. I feel like I have more energy and Im ready for my holiday.


My cleanse is at the end and here is what I have experienced.

Starting with a high, have lost about 9inches overall. I just can't believe it!

My main reason to join this cleanse was to know what was going on with my body. I'm on thyroid medication for over a year now and have symptoms of auto immune disease. My main focus for this month was to kick-start the process of healing my gut.

At the start I was anxious whether or not this was going to work for me as I have tried other diets that didn't work.
After using Arbonne I found changes which made me want to continue it, it was easy and natural.
Arbonne is not a diet but a lifestyle changer. I'm going to continue to use it's product and naturally get my health in order which in turn will help me loose the excess weight.

I have noticed my hair feels voluminous, facial skin clearer, energy all time high and mind being more alert. Feel that my health is in the right track.

I have noticed my clothes are a little less tighter now, this is what I wanted out of the cleanse and I'm ecstatic. The most subtle change I noticed today is that my car seatbelt used to feel light strain on my tummy and it is now gone.

I can't thank Livia enough for all the support and encouragement she has given me in this last month.

Special mention about my husband because he was super supportive in accomplishing this and even mentioned mid-way couple of times that he saw changes in me.

Thank you all for the support and inspiration. I'm finishing the cleanse with ultimate satisfaction and will do it again in the near future.

Leela Ramesh

So I am delighted to share my news with you all . I have gone from a bloated , sluggish tired 11st 4lb to 10st 5lb . I have lost a total of 10.5 inches !! 3 inches from my waist alone which I am delighted with . At 52 I thought it was all over but hourglass figure is back . Thankfully only 1/2 inch from my boobs . 

I feel energised alert and happy . I’m falling asleep by 10pm rather than 2am as I’m stuffed with sugar laden foods . My night sweats have diminished and I wake up in the morning fresh and ready to smash the day ahead. 
I am going to continue with the meal replacement powder , as it makes me have a breakfast and lunch of sorts with many nutrients . I will not go back to sugar sugar sugar as I am not craving it at all why would I . I’ve enjoyed the gluten dairy soy wheat etc ban . I’m going to continue . 
With an under active thyroid , pernicious anemia and the menopause I really thought I was doomed to be overweight and like a sloth. 
Nope , I’m bouncing buzzing and totally aware of my bodies do’s and dont’s 
Thank you so much.

Well done everyone who did this DTX with me ... we are all amazing !!!

K Wayne

So day 31.....I have to say I’ve bloody loved this plan. I feel great and I have gotten stronger, smashing PB’s in the gym every week and I’ve got leaner and I’ve had people comment on how good my skin looks and how ‘well’ I look. I feel more energised every day even in the afternoon when it’s natural to have a slump. That bloody amazing fizz stick. I haven’t craved any of the things we’ve had to avoid (well maybe a bit of cheese!) and I am now sleeping consistently (well the last week) from about 1030-4 which is amazing for me!

My aches and pains are certainly less and my tendinitis in my elbow is almost gone.

I am so carrying it on as I feel superb every damn day and I get up Feeling more than ready to tackle the world. In total I’ve lost about 9-10lbs, and I’ve lost a 1.5 inch off my waist and hips .....needless to say the �� is looking fine and my legs are well on their way to crushing my haters! I would recommend this way of living to all of my friends, clients and family.


So I'm coming to the end of my 30 day awakening/detox. If you are thinking of doing it, take the plunge. Your energy levels will be off the charts. Today was my last shred session whilst in the plan and even at 4pm, after starting riding (motocross) at 8am, I still had the energy to do this.Plant based power is by far the best. More energy than a cheetah and twice the power. For everyone looking at doing the detox, just take the plunge as its the best thing I've ever done. Without the coaching and daily posts on the Facebook community I wouldn't be able to push as hard, realise my potential, feel fantastic, be able to keep going past my old limit and feel more in tune with my body.


I recently los 5kilos in a month. I am over the moon.I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 12 jeans. I’ve maintained this since. I’ve gained energy and look healthy. I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I’m gonna keep this up…I’m feeling great. Thanks Livia.

Tana Huggins-Harris


I have just finished my cleanse and I loved it!

I am extremely happy with my results in such a short period of time. I have loved eating clean and discovering so many yummy meals you can make.

I had so much energy through out the whole month. With a busy job working on my feet all day, I never lacked energy and still managed to train before and/or after work. The fizz tea is great just before you train giving you a great energy boost. Or in the afternoon at work when you are feeling that afternoon low where I would normally grab a coffee. All the bloat I have had for as long I can remember has gone and my skin has cleared up and has a glow about it. I’ve lost 10.5 pounds and 19cm over all!

There have been many positive things that have come out of doing this cleanse for me... understanding my body and the fuel it needs, weight loss, meeting some amazing and inspiring people and starting a new business.

Becca K

I lost 8 lbs and 6 ins I am carrying on with the meal replacements once a day I really like them but have tried some things back and have already had heartburn and joint pain which aren't good so I'm going to stick to the plan. It's the only way to go to feel better.

Susan Bowes

I’ve been lucky enough to do detox’s before, however since having my little boy (20 months ago) I’ve found it hard to actually stick to any kind of ‘healthy’ eating for 'ME'.

Also my hormones had still not settled and have been all over the show.

These last 30 days have been super easy to follow, I’ve enjoyed every shake and every meal just as much.

Mostly I’m enjoying the energy I have, the weight I’ve lost, the 27cm that have gone, the fact my hormones have settled and my mummy tummy is shrinking!!!

I’m loving it all soooooo much, I’ve bought more Products to keep on going!

I may be brave enough to post another pic at the end of the month! 

Good job all that have completed and good luck all those starting!!

After body cleanse

Well I'm feeling brave the bottom pics of when I started the cleanse top pics are today I'm really chuffed with the results and to what it has done to my health, x

Before body cleanse

Well, what can I say about cleanse so far... maybe that I absolutely love it!!!

Not that I have lost 3KG (6,7 lbs) in a week, but I have also learnt how to make lovely healthy food, I have learnt how to plan my meals, how to enjoy food. I've learnt that if I plan my meals and snacks ahead I won't be going for anything that has lots of bad sugars and fats like fast foods or ready meals. The cleanse showed me that I can eat healthy and quickly.

I'm not saying my first day was not tough, as I am a busy mum of two kids under two, and my previous excuses were, “I haven't got time to cook, I haven't got time to prepare food ahead”  etc., I used to snack a lot with my little one, or if I hadn't prepared something when I was out and about I would pick up lunch at a fast food restaurant. But to be honest, with cleanse, day by day I have noticed how much I actually can eat and how easy it is to plan meals and snacks ahead. All the food I eat now is healthy, full of good fats, proteins etc!! And shakes – yum, absolutely love it!!! Always looking forward in the morning to my delicious shake smile.  I am so happy that I have signed up for it!!!

I am now looking forward to see what another week on the cleanse going to bring!!!


I’m feeling so rejuvenated after the cleanse. My skin feels smoother, seems clearer and my dark circles are almost completely gone. My IBS is so much better especially now when I cut out beans, they where making my belly swell up like I was 6 months pregnant! I’ve lost a little weight and that was expected but not my reason for doing the cleanse. I needed this to take action against my IBS. This has definitely given me the kickstart to fight my IBS with the right foods and supplements.

Not drinking any coffee has definitely been the challenge for me. When it comes to the food it’s already been apart of my lifestyle all my life to eat healthy food and to buy locally produced food and the major difference has been doing it the vegan way.

After this cleanse I will include more vegan dishes to my meal plan and perhaps I will have the occasional morning coffee but I’ll definitely not go back to drinking 6-8 cups per day. I just love the arbonne tea and fizz so I’ll def keep drinking that .Since theses products have made me feel so much better I’ll def keep using a lot of the arbonne products and perhaps add a few more. 

I’m very interested in the new cleanse product from Arbonne so I’m def trying it out.


Latest testimonial from a husband and wife team who have done extraordinarily well on the May cleanse:

“It’s coming to the end of our 30 days (31 actually!) DTX in May and I feel in a good position to report back!

Phil and I (husband) had been complaining about our lumpy bits for well over a year now as we sat on the sofa sipping wine most evenings, adding a few kettle chips into that on a Friday and Saturday (and, well probably Thursday and Sunday too). Every time I opened the biscuit tin to steel a biscuit I promised myself this was going to stop .... soon.

So when Liv suggested to all on Facebook to get on board with the 30 day detox I knew this was OUR time. Phil and I decided to do it together which I know has been the key for us sticking to it. It felt a bit daunting the day before as we prepared our shake powders for the coming couple of days as Phil away during the week. It was like sending an astronaut off with their meals!!

We have to report that it has been fine, easy and enjoyable. If you’ve invested cash and determination and we think if you’re doing it with someone else it is simple to stick to. You shouldn’t think you’re entering into some purgatory and doom .... it’s been enlightening and completely changed our mindset. We are both in agreement that sugar does not need to be in our lives and hangovers are such a pain! We are looking forward to a drink on occasion (but really on an ‘occasion’ which is not a dull midweek evening!)

Our stats and measurements have spurred us on too. We’ve added more exercise to our lives as well.

So thanks Liv  for your support and just wanted to let you and everyone know you have a couple of converted here!”

  Phil Caz
Chest 96 / 91 95 / 90
Bicep 31 / 31 31 / 28
Waist 89 / 84 81 / 74
Hips 95 / 92 99 / 96
Thigh 52 / 53 50 / 50
Weight 74kg / 69.6kg 67.9kg / 63.9kg

Sarah followed the menopause nutrition system to reduce her increasing symptoms

I have not long finished and i must say its the best health kick i have ever done! Apart from the benifits of loosing 10 1/2 lbs and loosing 13 1/2 inches all over i feel re energised ....and re educated! I must admit to feeling a bit daunted at first but providing you keep notes, make plenty of lists its totally do-able, even ate out a couple of times!

I had put on weight slowly the last few years and nothing i did would shift it. Especially as i had started full blown menopause which makes weight even harder to shift.

I still cant get over how this has worked for me, it's like a little miracle! Also helping me understand about feeding you body with the right nutrients it needs , eating enough, as its so hard to forget your "feeding "your body, not just depriving so as to loose weight. And lets not forget the all important exercise! Starting of gently and building up as your energy levels increase and seeing the results give you such a boost, and inspires you to add more and do more!

I'm looking forward to continuing this journey, eating well and exercising. Trying new things and enjoying having a new lease if life!

Sarah Hillman

It’s been 5 days since I’ve finished my 30 day detox, and like Matt I’ve experienced that my change in eating habit has become like a lifestyle now. My sweet tooth cravings are gone and I enjoy eating more veg now. I’m now eating leafy green veg that I’ve not eaten before. My before and after pictures are proof that if you stick to the plan and work closely with Livia you will get results. Not only did I lose 4.5 Kg, 7cms from my waist and 6cms from my thigh but I feel that I’m full of energy.


I also completed my 30 detox 5days ago and I'm really pleased with how it's changed so many things in my life. I'm a busy mother of a 9yr old and a 16mnth old and am also setting up my massage business. I found it really easy to incorporate the meals in our family routine. I was rarely hungry, not even needing  to snack that often, the protein shake in the morning would  easily fill me up till lunchtime. Then the lovely salads and otber easy meals were really delicious and satisfying. Up till the detox I'd been a typical busy mother, reaching for a coffee first thing, skipping meals and generally grabbing whatever I could whenever I remembered. The regular eating of great food really helped my energy levels as did the fizz sticks in the morning and afternoon in place of coffee. They kept me going and helped me feel really good. What I loved was the re-education about food that this detox did for me. I re-learnt and remembered how to eat properly again and how that affected my body and mind! It was brilliant! It got rid of my bloat, stabilised my moods and gave me double the amount of energy. I lost half a stone and inches all around my body, basically my the leftover weight from having a baby. I did the cardio fasting every day and weights workouts about twice a week from home, time was precious so I just did what I could when I could but still got results. I think this is a brilliant plan to kick start you into a better, more aware way of eating and living. It's very gentle really,  very doable for normal people living normal lives but with amazing results. Knowing I could ask Livia at any point about anything was reassuring and being part of a FB group was definitely more motivating than doing it on my own. I'm just going to keep going 80/20 now and up my exercise when I can. I feel really positive about the whole experience and know that I won't look back. Thanks so much Livia Francis for introducing me to this, it's been great! ����❤️


One very happy customer here!

Weigh in day today and I have lost another 2 and a half pounds this week. In total, including the half pound I lost in the prep week, I am now 5 lbs lighter and feel so much better both physically and mentally.

I am loving the shakes and will continue with them and the healthy eating plan after the 30 days are up. I feel really focussed especially seeing the results so far. I think giving up caffeine has been really successful for me as I tended to grab a biscuit most times I had a cup of tea. I don't need that now that I am on the Detox tea. Now if I can only find tahini and coconut flour and dairy free coconut yoghurt I will be happy. I moved from a London borough to a small market town in Suffolk 9 months ago and have found that I need to go further afield to find things like that. Looking forward to eventually tasting protein pancakes!!

Hope everyone in the group is doing well and feeling good. Thank you to Liv for the support and the tips.

Val. Feb 2018

What an amazing little plan this is and so easy to follow! Highly recommend Arbonne to anyone that needs a body reboot and total cleanse!

It works so well if you have a busy lifestyle, and allows you to food prep and make tasty, healthy meals which fill you full with energy.

What worked so well for me was preparing my breakfast/lunch shake packed full of nutrients which would fill me up and give me amazing energy.

The probiotic helped to reduce my bloated tummy which I have always suffered with. Also to replace coffee with a fizz stick allowed me to keep off the coffee and keep me pumped full of energy.

I always had prepared a couple of healthy snacks throughout the day in case I felt hungry and to have before an evening workout.

This plan has allowed me to drop weight and pulled me in sculpting my figure. Really happy with my results and this is something I would consider using as part of a heathy life style.

Eleanor Turner

Stats 8/1/18 6/2/18
Weight 63.1kg 59.3kg
Body fat 23.6kg 21.6kg
Muscle 38.6kg 40.3kg
BMI 21.5kg 20.4kg

Eleanor Turner

5th Feb 2018

I finished the 30 day cleanse yesterday. I lost about half a stone (7lbs) but my measurements have made me happiest.

  • 6cm off waist
  • 3cm off each leg
  • 3cm off butt 
  • 2cm off chest
  • 2cm off tummy 
  • Etc etc

What I've enjoyed most is re-learning a relationship with food that keeps me feeling great, alert and focused. My skin has never looked better and as an IBS sufferer, my insides are no longer painful and I don't get cramps. The enzymes started off as my enemy but now, I don't think is like to start a day without them.

I'm now totally vegan this February (partly as an experiment that has turned into a good cause and I'm raising money for charity at the same time!) I'm interested to see how my body reacts. I don't miss meat really which I wasn't expecting but I suppose the convenience of having a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast makes things slightly harder especially as I'm weight training. BUT, fully committed to seeing how it goes and thanks Livia as always for your advice and support. (My griddled vegetables get served up hot in a sweet potato wrap with a blob of hummus)!

Being part of this group has kept me motivated and really opened up so many doors for me in terms of cooking. I like to cook anyway but I LOVE seeing everyone's recipes just to keep ideas fresh and have loved everyone's motivation and support - really has kept morale high!

This essay was written by Hannah Mac Lennan ! x

Arbonne is officially my best friend and favourite word!! This last month has changed my life in so many ways I can’t list them all....

I no longer crave junk food or caffeine and most of the time I don’t even think about snacks!!

I’m learning how to organise my meals and with the help of the recipes and posts from other people, I have learnt to cook amazing tasty and nutritional meals that I actually enjoy more than fast food x

My taste buds have returned, my skin has a healthy glow, my energy levels are through the roof!! I even wake up an hour b4 my alarm goes off which gives me so much more time during the day x

AND the side effects are even better!!

I’ve still got a long way to go, but in the last month I’ve lost 27lb’s ... 4inches off my my big fast food waist ... nearly 2inches off my thighs ... an inch off my bingo wings .... I no longer have constant heartburn and no more mouth ulcers ... WHOOP WHOOP x

Bring on 2018 I’m ready for you and I’ve ordered new supplies x

Hannah Wilkins - 5th feb 2018

Three weeks into the 30 day detox and my clothes feel looser, my tummy feels less sensitive and my skin (which was acne ridden at the beginning of January) is calmer and I have had several comments about my 'glow'.

My aim has been to get in great shape for my upcoming trip to Oz and I am loving the clean food and encouragement with my training regime. But the added unexpected bonus that I am experiencing from this process is the rise in energy levels and the mental alertness that I have started to feel. I have two pre school children, a poorly husband and a really full on job and would usually feel like I am drowning most of the time in normal life but I feel really on top of things at the moment and the food and exercise plan and the support of Livia is really helping me to achieve this.

Kirsty Boyle