Little Black Dress Program

With Christmas looming, we all want to look amazing at the parties and celebrations this year. How proud would you feel to be complimented on your smooth glowing skin and slimmer figure? How amazing would it feel to be standing there in your little black dress with compliments flowing around you? 

The Program

Botanical science based nutritional supplements cleanse your body from the inside out. This plan is for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. The supplements are Vegan certified with no animal bi-products. They are Swiss formulated to the highest standards. Tested by third parties and PETA approved ( not tested on animals) 

Expect to Achieve

Increased energy, increased vitality, heightened cognitive function, less bloat, get rid of lethargy, reduce fatigue,  reduce low mood, increase serotonin, increase your gut health, which in turn increases your nutrition absorption rate. Weight loss of 9-14lbs. Habits that will change your way of eating and food choices into the future. You will understand how to exercise effectively for the best results FOR YOUR BODY SHAPE.

What’s involved?

Book a 1-1 consultation with Livia and sign up to the 30 day program. The products will arrive within three working days. You will receive instructions from Livia by email and messenger. You will be sent weekly instructions and daily recipe ideas. You will also be supported by Livia 24/7 using whats-app messenger. You will be invited to join the closed face book group for extra support! Weekly zoom call (video conferencing) with Livia.


The program costs £223.50 (£7.45 per day) but there is also a free gift worth £80 included!!!

To register contact Livia directly on 07931771457
Or book as a “prefered client” through Livia's shop (always best to contact Livia personally to ensure easy-to-follow registration online)

Book online

  1. First you will have to register (£25 - this ensures a 50% discount on all products & your free gift) 
  2. Secondly Press “continue shopping” find “special value packs” – you need the ASVP nutrition pack with meal replacement shakes (£223.50)
  3. At before checkout scroll down to the free gift section !!!
  4. Your pack arrives within 2-5 days

Get in touch and get results!