Training Philosophy

Livia has discovered – and experienced - that training needs to be more tailored as women age, especially after having children.

Fit Freedom, founded in March 2010 specialises in fat loss and body shaping food and exercise for women who have many different goals and needs. All training progarmmes include heavy machine & free-weight training exercises combined with effective resistance band work. Only when nearing the goal date set from the initial consultation (e.g. a wedding, anniversary or competition) is  ‘fat burning’ cardio vascular exercise used. Cardio is generally over used and therefore is not an effective body shaping tool.

Body shaping follows bodybuilding theory but without increasing muscle density to the extent that body-building can. Women lose half a pound of muscle per year from the age of 25 and this is replaced by body fat! The only way to regain and retain shape is to train with weights, which stops muscle wastage. Weight training increases your metabolism which is your ability to burn fat at rest.

For more information on how women can weight train to look slim and healthy, please see the blog!

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