Award for my latest figure competition personal training client

My amazing figure client, Lynne, attained 2nd place in her first competition trained by Livia/FitFreedom.

Lynne walked into my gym, Cheethas on the seafront in Hove, and  asked reception if there was anyone who could train her for a figure competition. Pete told her to chat to me as I was training in the back room with my boyfriend Perry. Lynne and I had a brief chat and she called me the next week to book a training session. We worked on a roll on basis, where Lynne paid upfront then I kept an eye on her account and asked for top up when the hours were used.

Lynne trained extremely hard, followed the programmes closely but tweaked them around to suit her training schedules and time as she is a full time community nurse with four children. I advised her on food and set diet plans and cycled the training all the way up to the comp.

We practiced posing once a week at my home studio. Lynne was 100% dedicated. She placed an AMAZING 2ND PLACE. Well done Lynne!! A true superwoman, mother and wife! See her before and after photos below and you can also read her testimonial.

1st August 2013

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