Fit Freedom Weight Loss Course Success Stories

In September Fit Freedom ran a four week weight loss course. Here's the results of one lady who ate well and exercised regularly with Fitfreedom:

Her weight dropped by one kg in 4 weeks 

  • Body fat went from 28.9 % to 22.3%
  • Body mass index ( BMI) dropped from 22.3 to 21.9
  • Body fat skin fold measurements:
  • Fat on the back of her arms ( triceps) dropped by 3mm
  • Fat on her back dropped by 2mm
  • Fat on her abdominal area dropped by 4mm

Circumference measurements:

  • Upper arm dropped by half an inch
  • Waist by one inch
  • Thighs by one inch

Because of the success of the weight loss course Fitfreedom will be running another in November 2013 and also January 2014 

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