Goal driven individual training programmes for a healthier way of living

Livia prides herself in getting clients to reach their goals by adapting a healthier way of living through goal driven individual training programmes and food plans.

Latest weight loss results:

Kitty from Brighton

In six weeks we have achieved this: 

  • Weight 67kgs to 61kgs
  • waist reducing from 34.5 inches to 28.5 inches 
  • Body fat reduction of 2%

Kitty was previously extremely overweight. We have only been training together since the end of February. She is a fantastic training partner and pushes herself (and me!) in the gym. She looks amazing and is trying to drop even more weight. She is now a size 10!


Jen is dedicated to maintaining a sharpe good looking figure. Weight training regularly and consistently . Stays focused and managed to balance a great social life with staying slim... now that's tough! She tends to cycle everywhere rather than add cardio to her weight training sessions... Which works for time efficiency and fat loss.

  • Jens weight has reduced from 57.2kg to 53kgs
  • Waist reducing from 31in to 29inches (Jen has stretched skin from two pregnancies so she's doing brilliantly bearing in mind that loose skin remains once the weight is lost)
  • Jens body fat started at 32% and is now a constant 28%

We ideally want to hit 25%. So we have adapted her food intake and eliminated alcohol in order to help her archive her weight loss goals.

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Lucy is a new client. In the first week she shifted 1% body fat. Waist reduced from 30.9 to 27.6 inches and her weight shifted by a kilo. Lucy is following a stable healthy food plan which only works if the correct training is adhered to. She is doing brilliantly so far! Keep going Lucy!


Margie's weight is constant though we have now upped the intensity of training on her legs. Her glutes, thighs and calfs have shown a reduction of over an inch in two months on the current intense lower body programme. Well done marg... keep pushing!


Lydia just goes from strength to strength. 
From 61kg to 54kg, follows the food plan, trains hard, is focused

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Jason is packing on the muscle slowly but surely. He wants to increase muscle density and look toned and healthy. Naturally a slender chap we have designed a programme to increase body fat a little In order to increase his muscle density. He started at just under50kg and is now almost 57.8kg. The key to healthy weight gain is clean wholesome food and regular effective weight training. As Jason wants to put on muscle he has no cardio in his programme at present. Cardio is used as a cutting tool to chisel the body into shape once the muscle gain is sufficient. Keep going Jason. 

14th April 2014

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