Top Tips for getting through Christmas!

1. Weight train and exercise regularly

Even if you can't manage to keep up your full regime through the Christmas period, try to keep active over the holiday season with walks, games with the kids and dog and even ice skating!  As you know, regular exercise means your body will continue to burn fat whilst you're sleeping.

2. Eat regularly

Don't fall into the trap of 3 huge meals per day!  Keep your meals small and consistent, eating every 2-3 hours.

3. Don’t skip meals

With so much temptation around you this season, you won't be able to refuse if you're hungry! Keep your meals regular.

4. Cut down on alcohol consumption

These excess calories will get stored as fat - you know this!  If you're drinking socially, have a glass of water after each drink and always eat something with your drink.

5 Use smaller plates

It so easy to pile on the food at this time of year! So control your desires with a smaller plate... :o)

6. Count your calories

Although this is a discipline many don't enjoy, it's an eye opener.  You really learn what yopu're eating; what keeps you full and what result in 'empty' caloried, making you snack again soon after. It's a good gauge to see what you keep reaching for!

7. Soups will keep you fuller for longer

Soups are fabulous at this time of year!  Especially if they're homemade...  warming, healthy, and filling, you know you're getting your 5-a-day!  Some suggestions:

Tomato Soup: Fry some chopped onion in some olive oil until the onion is soft, add a tin of tomatoes and some stock and heat through . Add a smidge of salt and pepper and blitz in a processor until smooth - that's it!

Spicy Spinach Soup: Fry some chopped onion in some olive oil until soft and add a bag of fresh (or frozen) spinach with salt and pepper. Add cayenne or chilli pepper and some cumin to taste and when spinach has wilted, blitz in a processor - that's it!

8. Eat your Protein! 

With so much pastry, bread, potatoes and other carbs around at this time of year, it's often easy to grab something stodgy.  But if you're eating processed carbs (white bread and pastry), these won't keep your hanger pangs at bay as well as protein does. So if you include eggs, any meat, fish, beans or lentils in your meals, you'll stave off your hunger for longer.

9. Low fat dairy will help you store less fat

Few of us can survive this time of year without cheese and cream (and custard)!  So simply switch to low fat versions and you'll be helping yourself!

10. The wider the choice of food, the more you eat

We're always so worried we're missing out, aren't we?! We need to try everything! Hhhmmm... Actually, you don't 'need' to... Avoid buffet-style eating and canapes as much as possible this season, as they're very deceiving!  You think it's only a couple of mouthfuls, but 20 canapes in and you've had a full blown steak and kidney pie all to yourself!  Just think which options would be best for you, before you accept.

Happy Christmas, Ladies!

Livia x

20th December 2011

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