Livia’s Background

Livia has competed with the BNBF, the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation, as a figure athlete 2012 & 2014 and the UKBFF 2014, Miami Pro 2016, Pure Elite 2016 & Galaxy Universe 2016 as a bikini athlete.

Livia achieved her Miami-Pro Athlete Pro status & Pure Elite Pro card in June 2016 in the over 35’s & over 45’s Bikini Class. In October 2016 Livia achieved her UFE Elite Athlete status  - taking a 1st place in Fitness Model over 45s, 2ND place in the fitness Open class (where all ages are mixed) plus a 2nd Place in Over 45’s Bikini masters in the UFE Natural Bikini Masters.

2018 UFE Masters Pro Fitness Model Champion

Livia is invited to the World Championships in Canada 2019 to represent the UK team. Her next show is Toronto world UFE Pro Finals in November 2019.

The competition coaching programme offered by FitFreedom is designed to introduce you to every aspect of natural competition training running up to your stage appearance.

The minimum time needed to prep you would be at least 15 weeks prior to the show & this is also dependent on your body shape and exercise history.

Livia promotes the art of achieving a feminine and toned physique as opposed to unsightly muscle gain as she is a natural trainer and natural body building often takes time to change shape or gain even slight muscle density!

Livia will give you the knowledge necessary to make a decision as to which Federation and category you, as a natural athlete, would like to try & the confidence to step out on that stage and compete or use the information to seriously shape up and look your best.

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