Posing session

Figure and Bikini Posing

Livia will coach you through your quarter turns, your line up, your compulsory poses and T walk/routeen. Most federations ask that the ladies wear clear heels in both categories.

Ideally you need to be wearing a bikini for posing practice (or you can just wear leggings and top which needs to show your figure). If you can practice in stage jewellery it will certainly make you feel more the part. 

Fit Freedom posing client Georgia won 1st Place in Pure Elite Fitness Model category in April 2016 and 3rd Place USN Body Fit catagory in May 2016:

"Thank you Liv for helping me out with my posing! I truly appreciate all the tips you gave me on how to walk on stage. I think you are very professional and with the experience you have you can help a lot of girls xxx"

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