How does it work?

The Fit Freedom programme is for men and women who want to lose body fat and tone their bodies.

The focus of the individual food and training program is to increase your metabolic rate, or your bodies ability to burn fat at rest in order to shape up.

The philosophy is to work the body differently for fat burning than you would for stamina and fitness.

Step 1: Before your consultation

Prior to your initial consultation with Livia, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire, which gives Livia a clear idea of your goals and an understanding of your health and exercise history. Livia also requires a 10 day food diary from you which must include everything that you eat and drink

Step 2: During the consultation

During your consultation, Livia will check your body fat, body mass index, take your circumference measurements and finally your skin fold measurements with calipers.

Livia will discuss your statistics then put together realistic goals, taking into account your wishes and any questions or concerns you may have.

Livia will identify the exact training mode and intensity you need to train at in order to burn the most body fat. This is the key to your future fat loss.

Step 3: Following the consultation

Depending on the outcome of the initial meeting Livia will then design your food plan incorporating your dietary needs, sensible eating patterns and how to integrate these with a training plan into your lifestyle.

She will also discuss Fit Freedom recommends a re-test and change to your training programme approximately every four - 12 weeks, depending on your goal of course, to ensure you’re burning the optimum amount of fat during your workouts.

You will need to ‘check-in’ for updated statistic measurements every two weeks. This is the best way for clients to keep on track. During the check-in we will discuss your progress and make any changes to the food plan to keep your metabolism elevated.

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