From the bottom to the top – my journey to UFE with LIvi Francis

I joined team Livi in March this year, when I decided to compete in the Ultimate Fitness Event in London. I've been training for almost 2 years prior to that, I knew that going for such an event I had to have a coach. A friend of mine recommended Livi to me back in 2018 and I started following her on Facebook and Instagram. The reason I choose her was that she is working with women my age (40+) transforming their bodies in a natural way. I didn’t know what to expect, I thought it will be hard and I will struggle. 

The first stage of my preparations was 30 days detox. It started that way to reset my metabolism and clean my guts, so later on my body is able to absorb the nutrients of the food better. 30 days detox was the easiest thing I've ever done.

After 30 days detox, I was given a personalised food plan that changed every month to the point of the competition. What I really found fascinating was how my body fat levels were dropping. I started the journey with 20% body fat, 60kg and stepped on stage 7 months later 10kg lighter with 14% body fat. 

Livi also designed my training plans and helped me with my first steps in posing. The training plans were designed to improve the areas that I need to develop. I had a new plan every month that kept me really engaged.

The fun side of this journey was that I joined a whole team of other women trained by Livi and sharing the experience with them was amazing. 

Livi is a great coach with a great personality and wealth of knowledge. She is very approachable and leads well and I love working with her.

Plamena Simmons

28th October 2019

Competition Training

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