Galaxy Universe November 2015, beach body category, Belinda Higgs 2nd Place

Dear Livia,

I just wanted to say how fabulous you are and a few things about my journey to the stage.

I have been wanting to compete as Bikini Competitor for years now but never had the courage, but I came across Miss Galaxy Universe and decided to be brave and give it a try as I had been lifting weights in the gym for last few years but with no goal. I signed up and was desperate to loose the weight and had started on the weight loss shakes but was stuck at 65kg size 12.

I decided I need a coach to help with diet and posing. I researched all in the South East, the reason I chose Livia at FitFreedom in Hove is because she had gotten another Miss Galaxy Competitor a place and is also a natural Figure Competitor herself. I am so glad I found Livia she drew up a diet plan for me – I wondered how she would go with this as I don’t eat meat (apart from fish) and no dairy or eggs either. I can honestly say at no point was I never really hungry, I was eating more small meals and the weight was just falling off me. I lost between 1 to 2 kg a week and I felt fabulous. In fact I loved the diet so much I will continue to eat this way – just a little more as my next goal is to gain muscle for the next year and compete again next November!

Leading up to show day the diet does get very involved and Livia was there to help or answer questions at any time. Livia was a brilliant help with my posing, she helped me come up with a routine that showed off the best of me and without her I am absolutely positive I would not have placed. Livia even came and watched the show! She has unbelievable patience and even offered me an extra posing session for free the day before the show as she was available and knew I was still nervous. Livia never stopped believing in me. Livia also gave me training tips all the way through the 13 weeks we worked together and if fact still does!

Livia is a truly inspiring person and without her I would not have Placed 2nd in the over 33 Beach Body Category on my very first show! Thank you so much and I look forward to doing it all again with you.

Thanks again!
Belinda Higgs

8th December 2015

Competition Training

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