Happy client, Brighton, England

The decision to have a personal trainer was deliberate because I had problem areas such as hips and bum and for years worked out, not excessively, but to a consistent level. I had a fit and efficient heart but chunky thighs and bum. I had hit 40 and had to revise my plan. I wanted a personal trainer who understood a woman’s body.

I had heard about Livia from a friend and when I met her, I was convinced she was a personal trainer! She had a lean, toned body but not emaciated. We set up a meeting. She spoke my language which was fat reduction, using sensible workout that targeted the problem areas and fit into my lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

9 months on, I have seen results in a more toned and defined body. My thighs are shapelier and the fat is melting. I still have some way to go, but Livia’s programme has been a step in the right direction.  The combination of steady heart rate cardio vascular work out and weights is working for me. 

As a mother of two pre-teenage children the regime from Livia has given me a purpose and has allowed me to mix a good exercise routine with sensible eating (not diet!). Keeping fit is a commitment which I always had but now I have started seeing some results, I intend to carry on.

Loss to date: 36cm in 6 months

5th October 2011


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