Jen - personal training client

  • Jens body fat has dropped from 32.2% to 25.3%
  • Jens BMI has dropped from 22.8 to 19.8
  • Jens waist went from 31 to 28 inches
  • Jens hips decreased from 36.1 to 33.4
  • Jens uppers arms went  from 11.2 to 10.6 inches

Jen plans her exercise into her busy life as a working mum who runs a family business with her husband, two kids, two dogs and a social life too! So how drop for a size 12-14 to size 6-8?

Jen said:

If you had asked me a few years ago whether I would have considered lifting weights, cycle everywhere and generally incorporate exercise in to my life I would have laughed out loud and said "why bother?" (I would also be scared of looking ridiculous).

I have never met somebody like Liv. She's a revelation. I told Liv that the last thing I wanted to look like was a body builder, and get even bigger than I was - I had always been concerned about how I appeared to others. I was your typical 'yo yo' dieter. I would starve all week and then binge at weekends - beating myself up all the way through. 

Liv's approach is at totally unique. Her attitude was just so comforting. She explained that there was no quick fix and that I would have to work hard. Everything she told me to do made sense - no rubbishy hyperbole about exercise - just plain and caring common sense. 

A few days later we met at the gym and she put together a plan for me. Her completely non-judgemental caring attitude, and wicked sense of humour immediately made the plan work for me. I absolutely loved do this new approach. It all seemed to make sense and yet I wasn't working up a pointless sweat. 

Liv also gave me a full diet plan to follow. The diet plan was forgiving enough to be practical for me. It wasn't an immediate fix, I'm no saint and I do love my food. Within a matter of weeks I started to embrace a new attitude to exercise. I am a convert - the weights programme that Liv guided me through beautifully (and still does!) started to tone and shape me in a way that I still regard as unbelievable. 

What are the results? Well 2 dress sizes, 24 pounds and a complete loss of 'muffin top' later I am in a state that might be described as pleasantly bewildered. Yet I am utterly positive about the future: Liv has given me the 'tools' to ensure that whilst I will have the odd muffin (perhaps 2) I will always know how to live life to the fullest. 

I cannot say how grateful I am to Liv. She is simply the best. I am so lucky to have met her...xxxx Jen

28th October 2013


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