Jennifer, Brighton, England

Over the years I have been on various diets – they were not working. Yes, maybe one month I might lose 7lbs only to find in three months time I would be up by at least 6 of them!

We have a hairdressers and one of our clients was telling me about one of her friends who was being trained by Livia from Fit great she was starting to look.  In my initial meeting with Livia, she told me it would be no quick fix as it took me years to get to what I was!

I am not into running, so for me the programme was perfect.  Livia told me to buy an exercise bike and wear a heart rate monitor so I knew when my body was burning fat. It surprised me that I didn’t have to peddle like a lunatic and actually love the stationary bike as I can watch TV whilst exercising!  I started at 15 minutes three times per week and gradually built up to an hour three times per week, which is easy as you are not on a high setting.

Livia was constantly in contact with me and after three weeks we arranged to meet in the gym where Livia explained that we needed to add weight training to change my body shape and tone me up, as muscle burns more fat!  Livia changes my programme every three months to make sure I get the most out of my training. 

I have now been training for eight months and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Everybody’s been telling me how much weight I have lost. I have even been told I look much younger! I feel fantastic! I no have longer have a big roll of fat hanging over my trousers and I eat double the amount I used to eat!  I’m really toned on my arms and legs and my tummy is slowly, but surely, disappearing. Well done Livia!

What have you got to lose by training with Livia?! Only fat!! And you gain a new healthier lifestyle…

Loss to date: 5.1% bodyfat in 6 months

5th October 2011


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