K Wayne

So I am delighted to share my news with you all . I have gone from a bloated , sluggish tired 11st 4lb to 10st 5lb . I have lost a total of 10.5 inches !! 3 inches from my waist alone which I am delighted with . At 52 I thought it was all over but hourglass figure is back . Thankfully only 1/2 inch from my boobs . 

I feel energised alert and happy . I’m falling asleep by 10pm rather than 2am as I’m stuffed with sugar laden foods . My night sweats have diminished and I wake up in the morning fresh and ready to smash the day ahead. 
I am going to continue with the meal replacement powder , as it makes me have a breakfast and lunch of sorts with many nutrients . I will not go back to sugar sugar sugar as I am not craving it at all why would I . I’ve enjoyed the gluten dairy soy wheat etc ban . I’m going to continue . 
With an under active thyroid , pernicious anemia and the menopause I really thought I was doomed to be overweight and like a sloth. 
Nope , I’m bouncing buzzing and totally aware of my bodies do’s and dont’s 
Thank you so much.

Well done everyone who did this DTX with me ... we are all amazing !!!

26th June 2018

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