Laura - Brighton

I'm a 42 year old woman. I’ve always kept myself pretty fit since my teenage years, mainly with swimming and horse-riding. I moved to Brighton 2 years ago and joined Cheetahs and began weight training. I’ve always preferred the more athletic looking figure. I began to realise i was having trouble building up my leg muscles and as I had seen Livia around the gym, training alone and with clients, I decided to get her advice as I knew she would understand by firstly being a PT, and secondly being female.

Liv helped me adjust my diet, realising I wasn't eating enough to support the work I was putting in. I was probably eating away at my muscle rather than building it up. I now feel like I have never eaten so much!! But it is all the right food and clean eating. I don't eat meat so gain my protein from shakes (which I also obtained from Livia), fish and lots of veg, rice and nuts.

I have noticed the difference in my shape and I can now see the muscle tone I work hard to get. It really is 20% work & 80% diet. On top of this I also got new work out ideas to keep my muscles guessing. Those staggered leg presses are a killer!!! But i love them 😊

15th September 2014


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