Marilyn - personal training client in Hove

Marilyn's stats

On the 10th jan 2013 Marilyn was 30.5% body fat & by October 2013 her body fat was 19%.

  • Marilyn's BMI dropped from 22.2 to 19
  • Marilyn's weight dropped 6kgs in 9 months.
  • The fat on Marilyn's triceps ( back of her arms)  went from 14mm to 5mm
  • The fat on her back dropped by 4mm
  • The fat on her abdomen decreased  by 7 mm

Marilyn's circumferences:

  • Waist lost 7cms
  • Hips lost 5cms
  • Glutes lost 7cms
  • Thighs lost 5cms

Marilyn trains hard. She looks amazing. From her size 10 shape into size 4-6, with curves and smooth looking limbs, no cellulite, just feminine and fit. Marilyn is a mother of two and manages to look in tip top shape by following Fitfreedom's training and eating plans.

Marilyn from Hove said:

I've been training with Liv for nearly 2 years now, I’m so happy I’ve found her. She totally understands what I mean by "I want to lose weight from my hips, bum & thighs!”

Training with weights used to scare me, like most women, I thought I’d look too masculine. Far from it, I'm lifting heavy weights, feeling really empowered and reaping the results. It's fun! I really look forward to my training days!

Liv changes my programme every 4-6 weeks depending on my progress which keeps me motivated and interested. Combined with a clean diet I've achieved the body I've always wanted.
I can't thank Liv enough for the encouragement and motivation she’s given to me to help me achieve my goal.

28th October 2013


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