Posing client/half comp prep client Maria Martini

Posing client/half comp prep client Maria Martini entered Pure Elite Figure category April 2016 3rd Place

"The Pure Elite competition that took place in Margate on 23rd April 2016 was my very first experience and the first time that I ever stepped onto a stage in my life.

"On this event, I posed for the Athletic Figure category, which is half way between Bikini Model and Body Building. It’s easy then to imagine that I never posed showing my muscles in front of a crowd and I had to learn everything from scratch.

"With meticulous accuracy, Livia walked with me side by side to make sure I would understand every element of this world. The poses that are the foundation of this sport, the quarter turns where is important to show specific muscle groups, the importance of the flow between the movements, how the judges evaluate the presence on the stage and the art of smiling away while doing all this.

"Between the restrictive diet, the hard training and the challenging state of mind, Livia always helped me, understood me and supported me throughout my journey. She was my rock and my always-present coach. Nevertheless, she was my inspiration and my hero. 

"Livia is a complete trainer who’s been competing for bikini modelling since the early age of 24. Her decades of knowledge paid off with a place on the podium on my very first competition. When I heard my name be called as third position, my emotions went to the moon and back, and I feel that nothing of this would have been achievable without her support."

26th May 2016

Competition Training

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